Spanish courses in Spain

Spanish courses for adults in Spain

Cours d'espagnol en Espagne Spanish courses in Vitoria Basque Country Spanish courses

Spanish language courses in Alicante, Costa Blanca, and Vitoria

Different Spanish language courses in Spain to suit your interests.

Focus on communication

Spanish language courses make use of an active, practical and communicative methodology to guarantee that students learn Spanish as fast and as effectively as possible. Spanish courses has a great focus on oral skills so that you develop an ability to communicate fluently, accurately and efficiently in Spanish language.

Spanish courses in mini group

Spanish courses in small groups with a maximum of 7 students per classroom allow students to get the most from a personalized language teaching method, facilitate active and dynamic participation in class, maximize the use of classroom interaction techniques, thus facilitating your ability to speak Spanish fluently.

Destinations in Spain

Spanish courses: an opportunity to learn about Spanish culture and visit Spain.

[ General Intensive Spanish language courses ]

Short or Long term Intensive Spanish courses to communicate in Spanish language- This is our main objective: to ensure that your Spanish study programme at ZADOR, Spanish language schools, either in Vitoria or in Alicante, be a step forward in your Spanish learning.

Standard Spanish courses 3 Spanish lesson per day

intensive spanish courses young adults

Standard Spanish courses are designed for adult students who wish to start or continue studying Spanish while making the most of the the plentiful free time available to enjoy the social life.

Intensive Spanish courses 4 Spanish lessons per day
Intensive spanish courses in spain

Intensive Spanish language courses with 4 Spanish lessons per day is the Spanish language course most frequently selected by adult students, either in Alicante and Vitoria.

Super Intensive Spanish 5 Spanish lessons per dayintensive Spanish courses in Spain

With Super Intensive Spanish courses you will have in addition to the 20 Intensive Spanish lessons per week of General Spanish Courses in a group, 5 private lessons per week.

Immersion Spanish courses 6 Spanish lessons per day

Intensive Spanish courses in Spain

People who have little time for a Spanish immersion and want to improve the Spanish language level quickly select this Intensive language course the most.

Private Spanish language lessons 2, 3, 4 private Spanish lessons per day

Private Spanish lessons in SpainPrivate Spanish language lessons with a programme that specially adapts to your level of Spanish and which keeps up with your rhythm, your language learning strategies and the subjects and topics you need.

With this Intensive course you can select the number of lessons per day and the Spanish course starting date.

If you are two or three students with the same Spanish level and similar Spanish learning interests, you can share the private Spanish lessons.


[ Spanish language courses for Specific Purposes]

Spanish courses for specific purposes combine general Intensive Spanish language courses in mini group —maximum 7 participants per group— with additional Specialised Spanish courses.

Spanish courses for business 6 Spanish lessons per day

Spanish courses for business in Spain

Intensive Spanish language immersion programme to learn general Spanish for 4 lessons a day plus 2 lessons per day business Spanish training in mini-group to learn business Spanish vocabulary and themes —finance, banking, marketing...— as well as cultural aspects and business etiquette.

Spanish courses for teachers 6 Spanish lessons per day
Spanish courses for teachers in Spain

With this 2 week long Spanish course, in addition to the 20 lessons per week of the General Spanish course of Advanced or Proficiency Level of Spanish in groups of a maximum of 7 students, teachers have 10 Spanish lessons per week for specific teachers’ training.

DELE preparation courses 5 Spanish courses per dayDELE exam preparation courses in Spain

DELE Spanish Exams preparation courses provide the necessary training to pass D.E.L.E. exams, the most prestigious exams of Spanish as Foreign Language: Spanish as Foreign Language Diploma of Instituto Cervantes —Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera - DELE—.

Spanish culture courses 6 Spanish courses per day
Spanish courses in Spain

Spanish language and culture course is a programme designed for those who want to have a broad view of Spanish civilization: geography and its political and economic influence, the Autonomous Communities within Spain, Spanish literature, Spanish History...

Spanish courses for Tourism 5 Spanish lessons per day
Spanish courses in Spain

Spanish courses for tourism are designed primarily for people studying or working in the tourism industry, hospitality staff, tour guides, airlines staff, travel agents working for the Spanish market or with Spanish clients or suppliers. Themes related to the tourism industry.

Private Spanish lessons 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 lessons per dayPrivate Spanish lessons in Spain

Private lessons are designed for professionals, executives and students who do not have a lot of time to study abroad and look for an intensive language training, have specific language learning needs and want to get the maximum output of the Spanish immersion course in Spain.

[Holiday language courses Alicante, Costa Blanca ]

1, 2, 3 or 4 weeks Holiday language courses for adults in Costa Blanca to study Spanish language on vacations and enjoy with an activity holiday programme: Spanish and sailing, windsurfing, tennis, golf, flamenco...

Spanish and windsurfing Windsurfing course

Spanish and windsurfing course in Spain

1, 2, 3 or 4 week Summer programme with 4 Spanish lessons in the morning, 10 windsurfing lessons in the afternoon, guided visits, cultural and culinary activities and optional excursions for visiting Costa Blanca. 2 or 3 people coming together could have a Spanish and windsurfing programme from March to the end of October.

Spanish course and sailing Sailing course
Spanish and saling course in Spain

1 to 4 week programme with Intensive Spanish course in the morning, 10 sailing lessons in the afternoon, guided visits, cultural activities and optional excursions to get to know Costa Blanca. If you are 2 or 3 people coming together you can customised the Spanish and saling course from March to the end of October.

Spanish course and Golf Golf lessons or just playSpanish and golf in Costa Blanca Spain

All year round Programme in Alicante. You can attend a different Spanish courses in the morning —Intensive Spanish or 2, 3 or 4 Private lessons per day. You can either play golf in the afternoon or receive golf lessons. In summer you can enjoy a special activity programme with visits, culinary activities and optional excursions.

Spanish courses and tennis Tennis lessons for adults

Tennis lessons for adults in Spain

Spanish courses and tennis lessons throughout the year: Intensive Spanish courses in mini-group or Private Spanish lessons in the morning and tennis lessons in the afternoon with professional tennis coaches in a Tennis Academy with a long History. Spanish and Tennis are complemented by a special activity programme in summer.

Spanish and flamenco/salsa Dance lessons
Flamenco lessons in Spain

1 or 2 week programme in summer, with Intensive Spanish course in the morning, guided visits, salsa or flamenco lessons, tapas dinner to taste Mediterranean cuisine, optional excursions to Valencia, Elche, Calpe, Guadalest…

Spanish courses for groups Tailor made Spanish coursesSpanish courses in Spain for adults

Spanish language teachers, a group of friends or a family can tailor the Spanish programme in Alicante. For instance, 3 or 4 people can have a Spanish and Sailing, Windsurfing or Scuba diving through out the year, although we recommend from beginning of March to the end of October.

[Holiday language courses Vitoria, Basque Country ]

Holiday language courses for adults in Vitoria, Basque Country, include Spanish course in the morning, guided tours for visiting the European Green Capital 2012, cultural visits, culinary activities to taste Basque cuisine and Rioja Wine and excursions in specific dates or all year long for closed groups.

Spanish course and Golf 5 golf lessons per week

Spanish courses and golf in Vitoria Basque country

1 golf school in Vitoria and 3 golf courses near the city, will allow you to enjoy your Spanish and Golf holidays in the Basque Country: Spanish course in in mini group or Private lessons in the morning and play golf or receive golf lessons in the afternoon. This programme works throughout the year although we advice to come from the end of March until October.

Spanish course and Wine Spanish and Wine Tasting
Spanish course and wine tasting La Rioja

1 or 2 week programme in June and September —the last one at the grape harvest time—in Vitoria: Intensive Spanish course in the morning, guided tour in Vitoria city centre with a welcome wine, excursions to La Rioja visiting wine cellars with wine tasting, farewell dinner to taste Basque cuisine.

Spanish course and trips Visiting the Basque CountryHoliday language courses Basque Country

1 week or 2 weeks Spanish Course with 4 Spanish lessons per day and an activity programme in June and September: cultural visits, excursion to Bilbao, San Sebastian, La Rioja, Pamplona, or Burgos... Tapas dinner with your Spanish teacher.

[ Spanish course and Internships in Spain ]

Internship in Spain or Spanish courses and Internship programme in Alicante or Vitoria allows students to apply their Spanish skills in a business setting and to gain valuable work experience for their professional future. 2 or 4 weeks Spanish course plus 2 to 6 months student internship placement in Spanish company in Alicante or Vitoria and surrounding areas. Internships for students with Leonardo or Erasmus programme and Internships with agreement with Universities.

Translation companies Translation internship

For students of philology, translation, applied linguistics as well as for future teachers of foreign languages​​, we offer internships in language schools and translation agencies.

Tourism & Hospitality Tourism internship
Hospitality and tourism internship in Spain

For students in the field of tourism organisations, tour guides, future travel agents, technicians tourism to work at the administration and secretariat.

Wine industry Wine cellars internshipWine cellars internship

Internship in La Rioja, where one of the best wines in Spain, and some of the best wines in the world are produced! A unique opportunity to work in both traditional and modern cellars.

Sport Clubs Golf and tennis

Tennis lessons for adults in Spain

For students in physical education and / or for future golf and tennis coaches, internships in sport companies, sports clubs, tennis Academy and sport associations are available.

Marketing Companies Marketing internship

For those who are interested in marketing, we offer internships in marketing companies in Alicante or Vitoria: Marketing Research and sales Campaigns. Consulting We also offer internships in real estate companies.

Graphic design & Web Graphic & Web development
Graphic design Internship

Students of Graphics designing and Web Design who are able to work with Adobe Suite —with basic knowledge of Photoshop/Illustrator/In-design and traditional instruments.

[ Spanish courses for for groups in Spain]

Tailor made Spanish courses for Spanish teachers, group of friends or families looking for a Spanish Programme in Alicante, Costa Blanca, or Vitoria, Basque Country.

Group trips to Spain Alicante and Vitoria

Spanish programmes in Alicante Spain

We welcome groups from primary —from 7 years old— and secondary schools, and Universities with tailor made Spanish programmes throughout the year, except during the Christmas holidays. Some programmes are general language trips and other are thematic tours, with focus on gastronomy, wine, culture & art or sports.

Spanish for closed groups Tailor made SpanishSpanish courses in Spain

If you are 3, 4 or more students you can customised the Spanish language course to suit your needs and interests adapting the syllabi to the group requirements. Programmes for any University, School, Company or group of friends with a special interest.

Spanish for families Throughout the yearSpanish programmes for families

Our Summer camps for teenagers and kids in Alicante also have an adult programme on site,; thus, it is possible for parents to attend Spanish classes in the same school. Throughout the year, private Spanish lessons for children and Spanish lessons for adults in mini group are available.