Spanish courses in Spain

Spanish culture courses in Spain


Spanish culture courses in Spain


Spanish culture courses in Spain, in Alicante and Vitoria

Spanish language and culture courses in Spain

Spanish culture courses in Alicante or Vitoria
4 General Spanish lessons in mini-group + 2 culture lessons

Learn more about Spanish culture...

... through Spanish language and culture courses in Alicante or Vitoria, in Spain.

You will attend two courses on Spanish culture and civilization in addition to the 4 Spanish classes in small groups of the general course.

The duration of Spanish culture course is from 2 to 12 weeks (Semester language program). You can choose this type of Spanish language course for your whole program abroad in Spain or part of it, if you are going to attend a longer Spanish course.

Spanish culture courses designed for...

>Students who are studying Spanish or who consider that Spanish language and Hispanic culture are fundamental aspects of their studies.

>Students who take a gap year and who consider that speaking Spanish language and learning Spanish culture can open up new doors of opportunity in their lives.

The emphasis on communication during the general Spanish courses

During the General Spanish course,we insist on the communicative function of the language, developing your capacity to read and write, and above all to understand and speak Spanish language.

Variety of topics in the general Spanish course: the everyday life in Spain, traveling in Spain, family, food, social life, transportation ... and recent events. Teachers insist on the communicative function of language.


12 week Spanish culture courses programme overview:

If you attend for 12 week Spanish culture course you will have an overview of the Spanish culture, art and civilization:
> Spanish Geography and its political and economic influence.
> Autonomous Communities within Spain.
> Natural regions in Spain.
> Spanish folklore, customs and traditions.
> Economic and social development in Spain.
> Spanish literature.
> Spanish History.
> Spanish art.
> Contemporary cinema and media in Spain...

These are just some of the topics studied in this Spanish and Culture course.

To attend a course in Spanish language and culture, you must already have at least B1 level in Spanish.

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Spanish courses in Spain

Cours d'espagnol  à Vitoria Pays Basque Spanish courses in Alicante Spain

Further details

  • Start dates for Spanish language and culture courses: every Monday.
  • For students looking for a tailor made Spanish programme > at any time of the year.
  • For group courses, minimum stay 2 weeks. For customized courses, students can choose the duration.
  • Spanish culture courses in Alicante or Vitoria.
  • 6 Spanish courses per day (4h 30m per day Monday to Friday): 4 general Spanish lessons + 2 Spanish culture courses
  • From Intermediate Spanish Level (B1).
  • Spanish lessons are generally held in the morning. Nonetheless, depending on your Spanish level, you may have morning or afternoon shift classes. (The school assigns the class timetable)..
  • Material and/or book not included in the price of the Intensive Spanish cours.
  • Minimum age 17 years old.
  • Maximum of 7 and minimum of 3 students per group.
  • Requirements: Spanish Level B1, B2, C1 or C2.

Spanish language and culture course in Alicante or Vitoria include...

Spanish course

Spanish course in small group with a maximum 7 students per group + Culture courses • Written level test and interview to know the Spanish level • Progress check tests • Certificate at the end of the course.


Information on Alicante or Vitoria —city maps, accommodation options, optional activities, restaurants, places to visit...
• Guided orientation tour the first day to get to know Alicante or Vitoria city centre.

Other services

Internet access at the school (WIFI) • Free reception of faxes and emails at the school office • Loan service of books and films.