Spanish courses in Spain

Spanish courses for Specific Purposes in Spain


Intensive Spanish courses in Spain


Spanish courses for Specific Purposes in Spain

Spanish for specific purposes combines General Spanish with specialised Spanish language programmes


Spanish for specific purposes

Spanish courses for specific purposes combine general intensive Spanish language courses in mini group —maximum 7 participants per group— with additional Specialised Spanish courses.

Two destinations in Spain

Spain map Spanish courses in Costa Blanca Spain Spanish courses in Vitoria Basque Country An opportunity to learn about Spanish culture and visit Spain. You can combine your program for learning Spanish language in Alicante and Vitoria.

Spanish courses in mini-group

It allows students to get the most from a personalized language teaching method, facilitate active and dynamic participation in class thus facilitating their ability to speak Spanish fluently.

Spanish courses for business 6 Spanish lessons per day

Spanish courses for business in Spain

Intensive Spanish language immersion programme to learn general Spanish for 4 lessons a day plus 2 lessons per day business Spanish training in mini-group to learn business Spanish vocabulary and themes —finance, banking, marketing...— as well as cultural aspects and business etiquette.

Spanish courses for teachers 6 Spanish lessons per day
Spanish courses for teachers in Spain

With this 2 week long Spanish course, in addition to the 20 lessons per week of the General Spanish course of Advanced or Proficiency Level of Spanish in groups of a maximum of 7 students, teachers have 10 Spanish lessons per week for specific teachers’ training.

DELE preparation courses 5 Spanish courses per dayDELE exam preparation courses in Spain

DELE Spanish Exams preparation courses provide the necessary training to pass D.E.L.E. exams, the most prestigious exams of Spanish as Foreign Language: Spanish as Foreign Language Diploma of Instituto Cervantes —Diplomas de Español como Lengua Extranjera - DELE—.

Spanish culture courses 6 Spanish courses per day
Spanish courses in Spain

Spanish language and culture course is a programme designed for those who want to have a broad view of Spanish civilization: geography and its political and economic influence, the Autonomous Communities within Spain, Spanish literature, Spanish History...

Spanish courses for Tourism 5 Spanish lessons per day
Spanish courses in Spain

Spanish courses for tourism are designed primarily for people studying or working in the tourism industry, hospitality staff, tour guides, airlines staff, travel agents working for the Spanish market or with Spanish clients or suppliers. Themes related to the tourism industry.

Private Spanish lessons 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 lessons per dayPrivate Spanish lessons in Spain

Private lessons are designed for professionals, executives and students who do not have a lot of time to study abroad and look for an intensive language training, have specific language learning needs and want to get the maximum output of the Spanish immersion course in Spain.