Spanish courses in Spain

General Intensive Spanish courses in Spain


cours d'espagnol spécialisé pour adultes en Espagne


General Intensive Spanish language courses in Spain

[General Intensive Spanish courses in Spain for adults]

Focus on communication

General Intensive Spanish language courses make use of an active, practical and communicative methodology to guarantee that students learn Spanish as fast and as effectively as possible. Spanish courses has a great focus on oral skills so that you develop an ability to communicate fluently, accurately and efficiently in Spanish language.

Spanish courses in mini group

General Intensive language Spanish courses in small groups with a maximum of 7 students per classroom allow students to get the most from a personalized language teaching method, facilitate active and dynamic participation in class, maximize the use of classroom interaction techniques, thus facilitating your ability to speak Spanish fluently.


Destinations in Spain

Spanish courses in Vitoria Basque Country Spanish courses in Alicante Costa Blanca Spain Spanish courses: an opportunity to learn about Spanish culture and visit Spain.

[Short or long-term Spanish courses with more or less lessons per day]

Standard Spanish courses 3 Spanish lesson per day

intensive spanish courses young adults

Standard Spanish courses are designed for adult students who wish to start or continue studying Spanish while making the most of the the plentiful free time available to enjoy the social life.

Intensive Spanish courses 4 Spanish lessons per day
Intensive spanish courses in spain

Intensive Spanish language courses with 4 Spanish lessons per day is the Spanish language course most frequently selected by adult students, either in Alicante and Vitoria.

Super Intensive Spanish 5 Spanish lessons per dayintensive Spanish courses in Spain

With Super Intensive Spanish courses you will have in addition to the 20 Intensive Spanish lessons per week of General Spanish Courses in a group, 5 private lessons per week.

Immersion Spanish courses 6 Spanish lessons per day

Intensive Spanish courses in Spain

People who have little time for a Spanish immersion and want to improve the Spanish language level quickly select this Intensive language course the most.

Private Spanish language lessons 2, 3, 4 private Spanish lessons per day

Private Spanish lessons in SpainPrivate Spanish language lessons with a programme that specially adapts to your level of Spanish and which keeps up with your rhythm, your language learning strategies and the subjects and topics you need.

With this Intensive course you can select the number of lessons per day and the Spanish course starting date.

If you are two or three students with the same Spanish level and similar Spanish learning interests, you can share the private Spanish lessons.