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Tailor made Spanish courses in Spain for groups

Spanish for school groups and closed group: tailor made Spanish

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School groups: School trips to Alicante and Valencia Region or to Vitoria, Basque Country, North of Spain. Spansh Study trips to Spain for school groups, with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 40 students. Language study trips for groups over 8 years old. We provide teachers and school leaders with all the necessary support regarding a proposal for the language study trip.

Stays and mini stays Spanish programmes: We receive closed groups with customised Spanish courses all year round with a period that can vary from 3 days to 4 or 5 weeks.

General or Specialised Spanish programmes: In all cases the language study programmes are adapted to the students’ age. Some are general language trips and others are thematic tours, focusing on Spanish and a sports-tennis, basketball, golf, windsurfing, sailing, horse riding, swimming ... - Spanish and cultural visits, business Spanish visiting companies, Spanish and Basque or mediterranean cuisine, Spanish language and the world of wine and architecture ... are some of the language trips organized by our language schools.

Voyages scolaires en Espagne

School group trips

school, college, University

Study abroad programs for school and university groups, accompanied and supervised, combining Spanish language courses and activities. Between 10 and 40 students over the age of 7 years. For teachers and school group leaders Zador offers all the necesary support to present a proposal for the language study trip in Alicante, Costa Blanca, or in Vitoria, Basque Country, in Spain.

Programmes for School groups

voyages linguistiques pour adultes Espagne

Language Travel and holidays for adults in Spain

Active holidays for groups of friends, associations, sport clubs...

If you are 4 or more people with the same goals and if you come to Spain for an active vacation, we offer you a tour designed specifically for your group either in Alicante or in Vitoria. Thus you could enjoy your holidays in Spain, learn Spanish, visit several cities on the Mediterranean coast or Northern Spain, enjoy your favorite activities such as windsurfing, tennis, golf, hiking or the Spanish cuisine or enjoy the beach in Costa Blanca.

Language travel and holidays in Spain


Voyages linguistiques pour professionnels

Spanish Language trip in Spain for businesses

Spanish language courses for professionals

If your company has business relations with Spain or Latin America, it would be helpful to know Spanish and specific vocabulary for your professional relationships. We offer special Spanish training for businesses in Spain, organising not only the language programme but the accommodation and activities according to your interests.

Spanish training for professionals


Spanish language courses for families

Spanish programmes throughout the year.

During the months of July and August our language school in Alicante, offers summer camps for children and teens with sports courses in the morning and a Spanish in the afternoon. Adult students are the Spanish classes in the morning and free time activities or the afternoon. Thus, both parents and young people can have a Spanish language course in a mini-groupe.

During the rest of the year we offer private Spanish lessons for children and teenagers from the age of 7, and group Spanish lessons for adults.

Language holidays for families in Spain


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  • Spanish Programmes for groups can include...Spanish language course, activities, sports, excursions, cultural activities, culinay course... insurance and pick-up and drop-off.

  • DESTINATIONS IN SPAIN :We offer you two main destinations in Spain: Alicante, on the Mediterranean Coast, in the Land of Valencia; Vitoria, in the North of Spain, Basque Country.
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  • Spanish courses in Vitoria Basque Country Spanish courses in Alicante Spain

  • Dates for Spanish courses for closed groupsAll year round except at Christmas- Depending on the activity programme chosen, we will advice you the best time of the year for the Spanish Programme in Spain for your group.

  • Participants' age L'âge minimum pour un voyage linguistique est de 8 ans. Tous les mineurs doivent être en groupes encadrés.

Some suggestions
  • Spanish courses and sailing or windsurfing in Alicante for a school group, with a Spanish course, *** hotel or host family accommodation in Alicante city centre, cultural activities, saling or windsurfing course, transfer and insurance.

  • Spanish and flamenco classes: Learn about Spanish culture with a language course, a flamenco or salsa lessons, tapas dinner (snaks sp.), tasting paella and much more.

  • Spanish, trips to La Rioja and Wine tasting
    Programme for adults with Intensive Spanish course, wine tasting, cultural visits, trips to La Rioja visiting famous wineries such as Marques de Riscal, tapas dinner to taste basque cuisine...