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Sailing lessons for Juniors in Alicante Spain

Sailing camp in Alicante Spain: Sailing lessons

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Sailing lessonsat the Spanish and Sailing summer camp

Surrounded by beaches on a safe and quiet bay, Sailing School is the perfect place for teenagers to start or continue their relationship with the waves and the wind.

[Sea School in Alicante: a long history ]

This small Water sports Club has a long history. It was founded in 1973 near Alicante by a group of enthusiasts of water sports trying to spread their passion for the sea.

[Qualify sailing instructors ]

Sea School has a qualified and highly experienced team; instructors are, in many cases, elite competitors with an important sports curriculum.


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Sailing lessons for teenagers in Alicante Spain

Sailing lessons Juniors Spain

Sailing lessons

2 to 4 week Sailing Summer Camp and Spanish lessons for teenagers from 14 to 17 years old in July and August in Alicante.

3 hours every morning from Monday to Friday to learn sailing in GAMBA, LASER SB3· and LASER STRATOS sailboats: from the first week you will be ready to start learning to navigate.

After a short theoretical introduction to the basis of sailing, such as: rigging up, wind, basic trimming, rudder, centreboard, capsize and recovery... you will be doing some basic practices on the channel of the school and right after, sail away on your Skif sailboat under the supervision of an instructor.

Students start to sail divided into groups of 5-6 people in fast boats that will make them feel many new things.

Participants finish the course sailing on their own boats in groups of 2-3 students or alone supervised by an instructor on a safety boat.


Sailing lessons Juniors Spain

Sailing levels

Sailing dinghy introductory course
Number of hours: 15-17 hours per week
Type of boat: Gamba (boat group)
Required level of sailing: None.
Course suited to complete beginners or for those that have only sailed a little.
Program of the sailing course for beginners: Directed and supervised by qualified instructors with extensive experience, participants will learn basic boat handling skills and essential background knowledge.
An introductory sailing course where young sailors get a global knowledge —safety, basic manoeuvres, getting to know the boat—, where participants learn how to go where they want, or change direction, know how to orient themselves in relation to the wind. Able to sail in light winds under supervision.
Sailing course for beginners includes: leave and return, stop, slow down, move with the bar, know where the wind comes, add more salt from the position of the sails horizontally, perform skills effectively with the boat, make an inventory of the boat...
One week sailing course minimum is needed to pass this level.

Sailing course level II
Number of hours: 15-17 hours per week
Type of boat: LASER SB3 or LASER STRATOS. Required level of sailing: Knowing the first security techniques, being able to prepare for sailing dinghy; execute basic maneuvers, stopping, acceleration, tack...; know the vocabulary about sailing: transfer, jibe, luff, down ... and to control the speed.
For young sailors who already have some basic sailing.
Sailing course program: You learn and can apply the most important rules of individual and group safety for sailing, you know how to check equipment, practice trapezing comfortably, can perform basic manoeuvres without difficulty (jibe, tack, reverse etc.), you do not have difficulty finding your position in relation to the wind or water (you understand the strategy – windward and leeward).

2 weeks minimum with sailing lessons are recommended to automate the necessary skills to pass to level 3.

Sailing course level III
Number of hours: 15-17 hours per week
Type of boat: LASER SB3 ou LASER STRATOS.
Required level of sailing: Although not yet revealed all the secrets of the ship is sufficiently experienced to be truly exploited.
For those who can control the boat and actively contribute to the running of the boat. Sailing course program: You will learn how to react well to problems of safety (man overboard, damage to equipment etc.), you will learn how to prepare it for optimal performance and intensive sailing, sail comfortably with double trapeze, helming while trapezing, learn all the ways to take control of the boat to hold a course at high speed (balance, adjustments, coordination with crew-mate etc.), control the conduct downwind, turn quickly using the plate, jibe quickly without swerving; calculate the tide, adjust straps and trapeze, making minor repairs.

We recommend 2-3 weeks of sailing course to achieve the necessary autonomy (balance settings, operations).

Sailing course level IV

Advanced youth sailors can join the Race team programme. This gives youth sailors the opportunity to compete at the highest level. Our Race Team will focus on strength and conditioning, boat speed, boat handling, and racing tactics. Under the guidance of highly skilled coaches, sailors prepare themselves for the challenge of sailing regattas in Optimist Dinghies, CFJs, 420s, Lasers, and 29ers.

More information

  • TRANSPORTATION TO GO TO THE SEA SCHOOLOnce in Alicante, all the transports are included in the camp price. Private transportation is generally used, however we can use public or private transport (Zador reserves the choice). A member of Zador staff always accompany participants.

  • SCHEDULE AT THE SAILING SUMMER CAMP FOR JUNIORSCampers living at the residence must be at the residence entrance at 8:45 to take the bus.
    Campers who are accommodated in host families must be in front of ZADOR language school at 9:15.
    After the sailing lessons and and after lunch at the restaurant of the Sea School, students go to the language school until 18:30.
    When classes are over, young sailiors with participants in windsurfing, tennis, golf and basketball camps take part in visits, activities, and go to the beach with camp counsellors and finally around 21h-21:30, they return to the residence for having dinner.

  • REQUIREMENTSIt is indispensable to be able to swim

  • YOUNG SAILORS SHOULD BRING Monday to Friday, teenagers taking part at the sailing camp depart in the morning from the residence and return at 21:30
    short and T-shirt
    swim suit
    1 beach towel
    1 pair of flip-flops
    For sailing it is recommendable to bring white sole shoes to avoid slipping on the boat (even better closed)
    1 cap or hat
    Sun protection appropriate for each skin type with high protection factor
    sun glasses
    extra clothes (T-Shirt and short)
    1 small backpack

    Life jacket and neoprene suit
    Medical and accident insurance
    Federation licence (compulsory for all participants)