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Summer camps for kids in Spain: Enrolment



Summer camps in Spain for kids

Summer camps for kids in Alicante, Spain: Enrolment

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  • ENROLMENT PROCESS FOR SUMMER CAMPS FOR KIDS IN ALICANTE SPAINRegistration opens for Summer Camps 2018 on January 7.
    The assignment of places will be carried out according to the order of reception of the registration forms and the total payments.
    If you need to apply for a VISA, we recommend you to enrol at least 4 months in advance.
    How to enrol

    1 Fill in the ONLINE enrolment form, and send it by email or print the enrolment and send it by fax or post. You can also print and send the enrolment by email (See below).
    2 In two business days, you will receive an email with the price including all the services chosen by you and the information to make the payment.
    3 The registration is not valid until we receive the payments. The assignment of the places will be carried out according to the order of reception of the registration forms and the payments. For the reservation to be effective, payment must be made within a maximum period of 15 days from the date of receipt of our mail.
    If you pay by Bank Transfer, send by fax or by email the copy of payment. If you pay by credit card, fill the Form to Pay by Credit Card, and send it by fax or email with a copy of the Card Holder's Passport and a copy of the credit card (both sides).
    4 Once the enrolment form and the copy of payment have been received, we will send you an email or confirming the Summer Camp registration.
    5 No later than 3 weeks before the summer camp starting date, we must receive signed the parental Permission Form, the General Conditions, a health certificate and a photo of the kid. These documents may be downloaded by clicking the links below.
    6 If you have contracted transfer service, no later than 2 weeks before arrival you must complete the transfer request form:
    Transfer request form
    * We do not accept the transfer details by fax, email or phone.
    7 If you bring your kid to the camp, please inform us an the host family about the arrival time.
    8 One week before the beginning of the camp, parents will be supplied with the information concerning the accommodation: host family address, names, ages, profession, hobbies of the family and an email to contact them before arrival just to introduce them. You will also receive Zador Student Handbook with the information you need to prepare the trip.
    1. Useful information for arrival and departure days.
    2. Items to bring to the camp
    3. Camp Schedule
    4. Information for children with transfer service.
    5. Camp rules.
    6. Contact phones.

    Alicante Office fax:
    + 34 965 14 23 71
    Enrolment form (PDF)
    You also have to fill the following documents:
    Parental Permission
    Health Statement
    General Conditions

  • GENERAL CONDITIONSThank you for reading with attention.

  • Camp for groups

    Summer Camps for Children are opened to individual students and school groups looking for a language holidays in Spain. Special prices for groups.
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  • Spanish for families

    If you want to come with your children for the entire Summer camp or less weeks, and if you are interested in languages, you can have a Spanish Course in the morning and enjoy your holidays in Alicante. Please feel free to enquire for further information about Spanish programs for families and different options for your accommodation.
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  • Customised Camps

    School groups, sports clubs can customised the Summer camp according to their interests and needs and have a tailor made camp throughout the whole year.
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