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Séjours linguistiques sur mesure pour groupes en Espagne

Spanish courses for groups in Spain: Tailor made Spanish courses

Below you will find a form to request a quotation for a tailor made Spanish Programme for a closed group —school group trip, Spanish training programme for a group of adults, Spanish for families. This form will help us to find exactly the kind of trip you want. Of course, if you prefer, you can send us an e-mail containing the programme features and we will send you an estimate of the travel study programme in Spain.

Spanish School in Alicante:
Spanish School in Vitoria:


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  • Spanish Programmes for groups can include...Spanish language course, activities, sports, excursions, cultural activities, culinay course... insurance and pick-up and drop-off.

  • DESTINATIONS IN SPAIN :We offer you two main destinations in Spain: Alicante, on the Mediterranean Coast, in the Land of Valencia; Vitoria, in the North of Spain, Basque Country.
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  • Spanish courses in Vitoria Basque Country Spanish courses in Alicante Spain

  • Dates for Spanish courses for closed groupsAll year round except at Christmas- Depending on the activity programme chosen, we will advice you the best time of the year for the Spanish Programme in Spain for your group.

  • Participants' age L'âge minimum pour un voyage linguistique est de 8 ans. Tous les mineurs doivent être en groupes encadrés.

Some suggestions
  • Spanish courses and sailing or windsurfing in Alicante for a school group, with a Spanish course, *** hotel or host family accommodation in Alicante city centre, cultural activities, saling or windsurfing course, transfer and insurance.

  • Spanish and flamenco classes: Learn about Spanish culture with a language course, a flamenco or salsa lessons, tapas dinner (snaks sp.), tasting paella and much more.

  • Spanish, trips to La Rioja and Wine tasting
    Programme for adults with Intensive Spanish course, wine tasting, cultural visits, trips to La Rioja visiting famous wineries such as Marques de Riscal, tapas dinner to taste basque cuisine...