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Summer Camps for kids in Alicante, Spain: arrival and departure day

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Please, read carefully information on arrival and departure days and the times. Below you will find information regarding overnight and day camp that will aid your preparations and increase your chances for a timely arrival. If there is anything we can do for you during your trip organisation, please contact us!

Different summer camp options :

Overnight camp with host family accommodation: the majority of the children come to summer camp by airplane and the travel alone or with a brother or sister or a friend and they are loged in host family.

Day Camp with sport summer camp, Spanish course: Other children come on holidays with their parents and they are loged in a hotel or an appartment and take part in the summer camp as a day campers.

Spanish course for children: finally other kids only attend the Spanish language course for children in the afternoon —16:00 to 18:30—.


Summer camp for kids in Alicante Spain: Arrival and departure days

Summer camp for children in Spain

Arrival for children with accommodation

Parents or guardians are responsible for travel arrangements or for transporting children to and from camp in Alicante.

For parents who bring children to the camp
Date : Sunday before the camp starting date.
Place : Host family. One week before the beginning of the camp, parents will be supplied with the information concerning the accommodation: host family address, names, ages, profession, hobbies of the family and an email to contact them before arrival just to introduce them.
Time : From 16h to 20h. Please, inform us and the host family about your arrival time. It is advised that campers have lunch before arriving.

For children coming alone
"Normal" transfer service: Since Alicante airport, train or coach station are small, children will quickly see a person with a signal ZADORSPAIN CAMPS and his/her name that will be waiting at the terminal exit (there is only one in Alicante airport).
Transfer service for children travelling as unaccompanied minor (UM) : If you contract this service with the airline company, please check carefully the contracted service option. This service is compulsory in the the majority of the airline companies for minors under 14 years old (the age could vary, for example with Lufthansa this service is compulsory for minors under 12 years old). Please, check the procedure in case of scales and if you have this service for single or return and inform us in advance because it requires a different organisation from us.
If the airline company does not accept « ZADOR Spanish school staff» when filling the Unaccompanied Service Form, we will send you a list with the names and personal details of Zador staff going to the airport to pick the kid up one week before the starting date.
Please, inform us if you have UM service for us to organise the pick-up and drop-off. Please, take into account that if you do not inform us, the airline company does not allow your kid to go out from the terminal.
Private transfer: 24- hour pick-up service.
Lunch the first day: lunch the first day is not included in the camp price. Children can have lunch at the host family and this cost will we added.

Departure for kids with accommodation

For parent coming to picking up children
: Saturday morning between 9:00 and 12:00. Please be punctual when picking up campers and emailed the host family to inform about the time you are going to picking up your kid. If there is a problem with departure time, please contact Zador office.
Place: Host family.
Procedure: If someone other than the parent/guardian is picking up a kid, written authorization signed by the parent/guardian must be provided to Zador office prior to the departure date. Written Authorization may be faxed or emailed to the camp.

For children coming alone
Departure transfer service : Children have to leave the host family 2hours 30 minutes before the flight; 2 hours before to go to the train station and 1 hour to go to the coach station. Please, take these times into account when doing the flight tickets reservation. One person from Zador staff will stay with the kid when checking.
Transfer service for UM: You have to provide us name, address, phone number and passport number of the person who is going to collect the kid at the destination airport.
Lunch the last day: Breakfast will be provided on departure day. If due to flicht time, kid has lunch at the host family, an extra cost will be added. Dependind on the flight time, please advice your kid to save money for any additional meals at the airport.

summer camps for kids in spain transfer

First and last day and times for day campers

First day: Monday morning.
Every day morning Monday to Friday: in front of Zador Spanish School at 9:15. If you want to go with your kid to the camp facilities, we will send you the best way to go.
Every day afternoon Monday to Friday: at Zador Spanish school after the Spanish lessons, at 18:30; or at 21 if your kid takes part in the Activity Programme. We will email you the activity programme schedule.
Saturday and Sunday: If your kid is going to participate at the scheduled excursions, we will inform you about the times, because it could vary depending on the excursion.

Last day for day campers
Friday: at 18:30 at Zador Spanish school. We will inform you about the farewell party in case your kid wants to go.

Schedule for children attending only the Spanish course

Every afternoon Monday to Friday at 16:00 h, at Zador Spanish language school.
Every afternoon Monday to Friday: at 18:30 h, at Zador.

Note: If you want your kid takes part at the Activity Programme, please inform us in advance.


+ More Information
  • OPTIONAL TRANSFER SERVICE: Transfer service from Alicante airport, bus station or train station is not included in the package price. If you want, a representative of the Spanish school will pick children up at the airport and take them directly to the host family. Zador Spanish school provides you a 24- hour pick-up service
    Transfer service reservation

  • INFORMATION ON THE HOST FAMILY One week before the beginning of the Spanish camp, parents will be supplied with the information concerning the accommodation: host family address, names, ages, profession, hobbies of the family and an email to contact them before arrival just to introduce them.

  • ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE DAYS FOR CAMPERSAll the students should arrive on Sunday evening and leave the accommodation on Saturday morning. Days before or after are considered extra nights wit an extra cost.

  • OPTIONAL TRANSFER SERVICEZador Spanish school provides you a 24- hour pick-up service from the airport to go directly to the accommodation. From 22:00 to 8:00 there is an extra cost.

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